Comedy in Dance Festival 2012

Triskelion Arts presents

The 3rd Annual Comedy in Dance Festival 

April 5-7 and 12-14, 2012 at 8pm 


Mari Meade Dance Collective. Photo by Peter Yesley

A curated smorgasbord of work with a comic bent featuring 29 works by 28 NYC choreographers and clowns. This sampling of dances, sure to tickle our collective funnybone, serves as a refreshing reminder that dance need not always take itself so seriously in order to be really good.

Thursday, April 5 at 8pm: The Raving Jaynes, Jackie Moynahan/JaxDance, Mari Meade Dance Collective, Tough Cookie Dance, Charles Gushue, Not Getting Naked, Leanne Schmidt and Company (and guests)

Friday, April 6 at 8pm: Billy Schultz as the Song and Dance Man, Sarah Horne/A Dance Can + Company, Lola Lola Dance Theatre/Jessica BonenfantLeanne Schmidt and Company (and guests), SUNPROJECT, Donnell Oakley, The Good To Go Girls

Saturday, April 7 at 8pm: Deborah Kaufmann, Abby Bender Schmantze TheatreCOCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAMTough Cookie Dance, Not Getting Naked, Annika Sheaff,  Neon Lights, Ad Hoc Jazz Dance Group, Abby Bender Schmantze Theatre

Thursday, April 12 at 8pm: Donnell Oakley, Abby Bender Schmantze TheatreLola Lola Dance Theatre/Jessica Bonenfant, white road Dance Media, Jamie Benson, Jessica Jolly & Sarah Konner, Jordan Isadore, Abby Bender Schmantze Theatre

Friday, April 13 at 8pm: Jessica Jolly & Sarah Konner, Mari Meade Dance Collective, Billy Schultz as the Song and Dance Man, Annika Sheaff, Neon Lights, Karesia Batan||The Physical Plant, Jamie Benson, Heather Kemp, alex|xan: the Median Movement

Saturday, April 14 at 8pm: alex|xan: the Median Movement, Ad Hoc Jazz Dance Group, Kate Taylor, Tough Cookie Dance, Jordan IsadoreJackie Moynahan/JaxDanceSpark(edIt) ArtsCOCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM

Tickets: $15. Reservations at

Jordan Isadore. Photo by Andytoad

Neon Lights

Spark(edIt) Arts

Deborah Kaufmann. Photo by Jim Moore

Cocoon Central Dance Team

Jamie Benson. Photo by Jeannette Vidalia

Donnell Oakley

Billy Schultz as the Song and Dance Man. Photo by Paul Margolis

alex|xan: the Median Movement. Photo by Steven Schreiber

Lola Lola Dance Theatre/Jessica Bonenfant. Photo by Glenn Bering

Paty Zeccola- Not Getting Naked

The Raving Jaynes

Jackie Moynahan/JaxDance

Sarah Horne/A Dance Can + Company. Photo by James Dusen

Kate Taylor

Ad Hoc Jazz Dance Group

Karesia Batan||The Physical Plant

Leanne Schmidt and Company. Photo by Jon Selvey