Launch Movement Experiment

Triskelion Arts presents

Launch Movement Experiment

September 8-10, 2011. 8pm


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created by: Rachel Mckinstry & Liz Riga in collaboration with:

Performers: Matthew Baker, Patrick Ferreri, Richert Schnorr, Fade Kainer, Jeff Poulin

original sound: Fade Kainer

lighting: Andrew Dickerson

costume: Jeff Poulin

the supper: a scientific procedure, a secret operation of mind testing, disguised as a royal dinner party for 8 “guests” who have no idea that they are being probed and experimented with while they “enjoy” their party.

This dance will expose the psychodynamic forces that underline human behavior, unveiling an unguarded, raw expedition for performer and viewer. The piece will travel through the magnified expressions of the diners’ verses their true identities, investigating what we present and what we perceive.  the supper will ultimately survey the spheres and expressions of identity and illustrate the inquiries into perception, fact, and representation.

shadows, neurology, kings and queens, manipulation, control, forks, knives, the apostles, Mary Magdalene, pillows, guns, bandages, pills, closets, a laboratory, exposure, soldiers, a birdcage, a memory, grocery bags, : are being taken into consideration for this project.