Abby Bender Schmantze Theatre, 2004. The audience you see upstage is part of this particular show. There is not really seating there.

28×40 stage with seating for 53-74

Triskelion’s Aldous Theater offers a high level of service for high quality productions.  The Aldous Theater is ideal for full-scale productions, and offers flexible options to make your production look its best. With a production in the Aldous Theater, you will receive personalized support, individualized lighting design, and Triskelion Staff will work with you to ensure that your production is the best it can be.

For general rental questions, please email For technical questions and information, please contact

Triskelion’s Studio A/Aldous Theater is ideal for short runs, but longer ones may be accommodated. General rates are as follows for performance contracts:

Shannon Gillen's "A Colored Image of the Sun"

Shannon Gillen’s “A Colored Image of the Sun”

Technical Rehearsals: $68/hr

Tech time allows use of all of the theater’s technical equipment, including sound and lights, but without an audience.  For Tech time, a technical director will be provided. Tech time is booked at a minimum of 2 hours.



View of Audience Risers from the Stage

View of Audience Risers from the Stage

Performance: $83/hr

Performance hours are charged any time you have an audience in.  It includes use of all of the theater equipment.  For Performance time, a technical director/board operator will be provided for you.  Performance time is booked at a minimum of 3 hours




Treeline Danceworks at Triskelion’s Collaborations in Dance Festival

Lighting Design: $350

In addition to running cue-to-cue during your tech, lighting design includes meetings, rehearsal viewing, and a light hang and focus specific to your show.  The lighting designer will also be available to run the lights and sound throughout your production.  Lighting design is required for all productions in the Aldous Theater (if you would like to bring in your own lighting designer, Triskelion’s lighting designer will work with your designer, or please see The Zoo Theater, if you would like to work exclusively with your own designer)  More info on Triskelion’s resident designer here.

Marley: $200

Leanne Schmidt and Co. in rehearsal for Some People.

Leanne Schmidt and Co. in rehearsal for Some People.

Triskelion has a reversible marley floor in black or white.  Marley is a one-time fee, and Triskelion Arts staff will lay the marley before your first tech.

Projector: $50/day

If you require the use of a projector, you can rent Triskelion’s for $50/day for your production, or you can provide your own

Please contact us if you are interested in booking a show. We will arrange for a meeting to address all the particulars and see if Triskelion fits your needs!

Some Sample Performance costs:

A common package for rental would include one 4-hour technical rehearsal, 3 shows, and the marley floor (including lighting design and board operator).  This package costs $1569.

A more economical package could include one 2-hour technical rehearsal, 2 shows, and no marley floor (including lighting design and board operator).  This package would cost $984.

Technical Info:


Console: ETC Insight 2 (pdf manual)

Dimmers: 45 ColorTran 1.2 KW

Instruments (rep):

12 x CCT Zoom @ 750w

8 x Par 64 @ 1Kw

6 x Altman 6” Fresnel @ 500w

2 x 12 light cyclorama (3 channel)

12 x Altman 4.5 @ 750 watt

6 x Kliegel 6” Fresnel @ 500w

(Other spares available)


Behringer mixer: 6 channels: 8 RCA inputs and 2 XLR inputs

Dual Deck CD Player

IPod hookup

1200watt Crown Amplifier


Projector hanger with manual douser

DVD player or iMac G5 for sound or video source

RCA and VGA cabling to projector hanger

Epson EX7200 Projector (add’l fee, see above)

With Triskelion, you’ll get personalized attention, and a great deal, in a wonderful, intimate and professional space.  If you can imagine it, Triskelion can help make it happen.

(Please note that exclusive rentals of the theater are not available. Any shows that require elaborate sets or props/storage can not be accommodated, as our theater space functions as a rehearsal studio for a large renter base that requires a clean, vacant working space.)