Where We Fall – Julia Y. Edwards and Jahna Bobolia

October 8* and 9, 2010, 8pm, $15

*Both shows are sold out. We will be holding a few tickets at the door for walk-ins.  If you would like to try to come, please arrive after 7:30pm to get your name on the wait list.  While we always try out hardest to get everyone in, we unfortunately can’t make any guarantees.
email info@triskelionarts.org for reservations

Choreographer and co-creator Jahna Bobolia’s work for this evening of dance includes three pieces entitled, Collapsing Elbows, More Please, and What Holds You Up? The three works are intertwined together by an investigation into the way moving bodies mirror the delicate organics of human relationships. The work is an exercise in subtlety, rhythm, and performing difference through physicality. Each piece attempts to create a textured movement landscape that delineates the nuances of non-verbal communication, the primordial conversation that can occur between two persons, two atoms two elements. The work is a vignette about the idiosyncratic natural beauty of communicating bodies.

Julia Y. Edwards, choreographer and co-creator premieres Gnosis, a work of kinesthetic notions sewn together like a patchwork quilt. Gnosis gathers its movement fabric from somatic experiences, emotional sensations, psychosocial observation, enteric knowledge and visceral decision-making. Edwards is deeply interested in abstractly exploring the human experience through movement. Through thick collaboration with fabric sculptor Margret Carlson, Edwards explores costumes that are an extension of the self versus the body only and the many areas in between. This work was created in part through The Field’s Artist Residency program, supported by the Tides Foundation.

Rounding off the evening, guest Artist Jessica Jolly has been commissioned to premiere a new duet choreographed on Julia and Jahna. In every relationship, there are two people with two ideas about what they want from the other. This dance is about expectation and disappointment, manipulation and resistance, and the compromises and sacrifices we make to achieve fleeting moments of perfect synchronicity.