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Triskelion Arts Presents


December 19 & 20

$18 in advance / $22 at the door

move or die

After nearly a decade of collaboration, E/D’s latest work, move or die, finds the duo in a noxious all-inclusive getaway. Washed up and in a post-solar-storm, E/D inhabits a world without truth. Stability is gone. Fear abounds. Utilizing ritual, repetition, game, E/D dangles in obfuscatory oblivion. Floating within a hypnotic soundscore crafted by Jascha Narveson, E/D grapples with being an “us” without a “them."

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More about E/D

E/D is the collaborative alter-ego of artists Erin Cairns Cella and Dages Juvelier Keates.  Approaching themselves as “performance clay,” their practice investigates liminality on somatic, cognitive, and imagistic levels. Their work has been presented through Triskelion Arts Split Bill Festival, Triskelion Arts Presents, Temple University, Marble House Project's Art-Seed, Northside Festival, Women in Motion’s Rooftop Salon, Fourth Arts Block’s FAB Festival, Gowanus Art and Production’s First Look, Gibney Dance’s Show and Share, Center for Performance Research’s Spring Movement, New York University’s Master’s Thesis Showcase, and Movement Research’s Open Performance.


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photos: Michelle Gevint