Rental Agreement

First time renting with us? Let’s get started…

Welcome to renting with us! Please read our Policies and complete the form below to begin the process of setting up your account. We will contact you shortly to set up an orientation meeting.
There is a $20 administrative fee that can be paid here before our initial meeting. We are happy to have you as new member of the Trisk Family!


  • Rental accounts are kept under one main account holder's name (that's you, the Renter!), not a company. Renters are not permitted to share keys or accounts. Renter agrees to be present for all bookings confirmed under Renter’s name.

  • Our building is keyed entry. Renter will be given keys at the time of the orientation meeting.

  • Renter understands that rates are different for auditions, showings (even informal ones), media production, and agrees to use space for rehearsal only unless permission has been given by management and appropriate payment has been made for such use.

  • There is a one-week cancellation policy for rehearsals, and one-month for classes (or anything priced at the class rate). In the event that the deadline is not met, the renter is responsible for full payment of the time booked (i.e., a rehearsal on Tuesday must be canceled by the previous Tuesday.) Altering, re-booking, or cutting down your time with less than a week’s notice does NOT waive your obligation to pay for your canceled or missed slot (or a portion of a booked slot that’s canceled late.) We will always try to rebook any slot you’ve canceled or changed late to save you the money, but if we are unable to, you must pay for it. NOTE: If you request space less than 1 week in advance, you are still held to this cancellation policy.

  • Triskelion Arts reserves the right to cancel renter’s individual rehearsals or to terminate rental relationship at its discretion.

  • In the event of a late cancellation (less than 1-week’s notice for rehearsals, less than 1-month’s notice for classes/auditions/media production), we will always try to rebook the space. If your cancelled space is reserved by another renter at a cheaper rate, you will be responsible for paying the difference between those rates.

  • All renters are automatically added to our email list. If you choose to unsubscribe from this list, it is your responsibility to check our website and stay abreast of any changes that are made to our rental policies.

  • Do not consider any request as booked until you’ve received confirmation directly from a staff member. If we DO have the space you requested, we will immediately place you on the calendar and send you a confirmation. We do our best to respond within 24 hours. Once we confirm your request, you are held responsible for the booking. If you are booking last-minute space and decide to rent elsewhere after sending us a request (and not hearing back quickly), it’s your job to let us know. Send an email that you are canceling your previous request, and you will not be charged as long as we have not already confirmed the booking. Emails can get lost. If you don’t hear back from us, follow up!

  • We do not “roll over” classes or rehearsals. It is your responsibility to request bookings and ensure they are confirmed.


  • Payment for each rental is due at the time of EACH use or in advance for rehearsal, and one month in advance for classes. Payment can be made in person with cash or check or in advance by credit card. We cannot make change or give refunds, but will credit accounts for overpayment. Credits must be used within the calendar year, and cannot be transferred to another renter.

  • Payment can be made by cash or check in person or on our website here. Payments made in person can be put in an envelope clearly marked with your name, date, time of use, and studio, and placed through the office door payment slot. Please make check out to TRISKELION ARTS. Renters are responsible for any fees related to bounced or returned checks. 

  • If a long-term outstanding balance occurs, future booking will be denied until the balance is settled.  


  • Your safety and the security of the studios are of the utmost importance to us. NEVER PROP OPEN the exterior doors. Be sure your dancers have a cell-phone number to contact you upon their arrival. You must arrive together with your group, or plan to let them in when they arrive.

  • No using of space without express confirmation of a booking. Contract signer MUST be present at rehearsals.

  • Please remove your shoes in the hallway or just inside the studio door. No street shoes, tap shoes, black-soled shoes, roller skates, or any props that will scratch the floor.

  • All renters must leave sufficient time before the end of their rehearsal to SWEEP the floor and return the space to a tidy, open set-up. When leaving, turn off all lights, close the windows, remove signs/spike marks, and pay for your rental. Renter agrees to be the last person to exit the space to ensure it is secured.

  • For Doug and Muriel, no use of the theatrical lighting or sound equipment is permitted without prior consent.

  • No food or drinks are allowed, and be sure to take all garbage with you.

  • Fold and put away all chairs and tables NEATLY.

  • No aerial work of any kind, and please do not touch the mirrors.

  • No more than 15 people in the space without previous consent from management (or noted number for each studio).

  • No SHOUTING/SHRIEKING and NO live music or overly loud music for your rehearsal unless previously cleared with management.

  • Renter agrees that noise volume may need to be kept to a minimum in the event of a performance. Triskelion cannot guarantee silence from adjacent studios during your rental.

  • No props or personal materials may be left on the premises after your booked time.

  • Renter agrees not to adjust any settings in the theaters.

  • Lobby is NOT to be used for extended rehearsals, warm-ups, or meetings before or after your rehearsal.

  • Studios are intended to be used for rehearsals, classes, and shoots only. Sawing, painting, sewing, makeup, or any other activities beyond rehearsal, shoot or class use are not permitted without the express consent of Triskelion Arts’ staff.

  • Renters are not permitted to bring additional sound reinforcement beyond what is provided by Triskelion Arts.

  • If something is wrong (i.e., the heat isn’t working or there’s a similar problem) and there is no staff in the office, please contact our emergency numbers immediately, posted here, inside each studio, and on our website.  

  • Stuff happens. If you accidentally break equipment, smash a mirror, put a hole in the wall, or forget to lock up, please be honest with us. Do not keep it to yourselves. Renter will be held accountable for any damages to space or equipment.

  • Don’t forget your keys! In a pinch, phone us, but there is no guarantee that a staff member will be on-hand to let you in to the space. If you lose your key, you must purchase a new one before any future bookings. Renters are responsible for paying for space you booked on day you've forgotten your key.

  • Show respect for the bathrooms and hallways by keeping them clean, keeping your noise within the studio’s walls. Personal items left behind will be discarded.

  • As rehearsals are booked back-to-back, do not enter until your designated time begins and be sure to vacate by its end.

  • No candles, incense, or open flames of any kind. No use of glitter or powder, ever.

  • Triskelion reserves the right to enter the studio (to retrieve equipment or quietly show the space to new renters) during any rehearsal or class booked. We will knock, wait a few moments, and then enter discreetly.

  • If a double-booking occurs or another renter believes they have booked the same time (and you are not able to check your confirmation email with a smartphone or with a staff member in the office), it is your responsibility to email us within 24 hours to let us know. If you do not contact us, you will still be responsible for payment for the space you booked.

  • The studio walls are not weight-bearing! Do not hurl yourself into them or kick/punch them.

  • Keep your contact information updated with us. If you move or change your phone or email address, let us know.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to let your participants know WHICH STUDIO you are booked in to avoid disrupting others.

  • The person who signed the rental agreement MUST be present at all bookings under their name. There is no “sharing” of rental agreements or keys, unless it is cleared by management.

  • Renter agrees to treat staff and fellow renters with respect and fairness.

  • Triskelion Arts will not be held accountable for lost or stolen articles, or for personal injury incurred on the premises.


Our policies are NOT NEGOTIABLE. They exist to protect the livelihood of the organization, so we can continue serving artists like you. Thank you!

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